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I help you connect to who you really are and strengthen your self-confidence & inner peace to become who you want

"I am not what has happened to me, I am what I choose to become"
Carl Jung

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Who am I ?

Evelyne Kellerhals Seignez
Solution focused Coach 
Insights Discovery Partner
Evelyne Kellerhals Seignez SEN Coaching solution focused coach soins M2P Montreux Vevey Aigle
Evelyne Kellerhals Seignez SEN Coaching solution focused coach soins M2P Montreux Vevey Aigle

I give you support to :

- Develop your self-confidence in everyday situations

- Release your stress and your negative emotions 

- Understand better yourself and how to adapt to others

- Find more inner joy and motivation

- Develop your leadership competences

An obstacle ?

A solution

Where I can help you

Current programs

Getting closer towards who I want to be!
Understand yourself and others better, gain more self-confidence & inner peace

My Enneagram
Understand your core better (light and shadow sides) - deep model of self-understanding


Testimonials from clients

Smiling Young Man

Philippe, CEO of an IT Company

As a company manager, I called on Evelyne to help me reorganise my management and my activities. Her method and professionalism are excellent and have allowed the company to develop its activities, the team to re-establish links and have brought me personally much more serenity.

Sen Coaching Coach professionnelle Colmar Alsace

Séverine, Area manager

"The coaching session with Evelyne Seignez allowed me to consider other hypotheses for action. The questions asked by the coach led and supported my reflection. I particularly appreciated the listening, empathy, gentleness and appreciation that Evelyne Seignez showed during this time. I felt heard while working on finding solutions. Thank you for this support."

Woman with Glasses

T., Team leader at Novartis

The session this week and the overview last week were great!  Our team was able to get closer as a result and we also gained better insights on each other which will help us in collaborating better.  Thanks to Evelyne for the amazing job in facilitating!

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Smart Phone Screen

On appointment you can meet me

- at Jardin des Anges

Chemin du Plan Bourdin 8

1806 Saint-Légier-La Chiésaz

- using video conferencing 

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