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Are you constantly looking for ways to improve yourself both professionally and personally? Then you have come to the right place!

Sen Coaching Coach professionnelle Colmar Alsace

Who am I ?

Evelyne Kellerhals Seignez
Solution focused Coach 
Insights Discovery Partner

My Intention

Helping individuals find meaning in your life and gain more self-confidence in your interactions and actions .

To find deeper joy and serenity!

Sen Coaching Coach professionnelle Colmar Alsace
Sen Coaching Coach professionnelle Colmar Alsace

I can help you :

- Develop your self-confidence in every-day situations

- Release your stress and your negative emotions 

- Find more inner joy and motivation

What do I bring:

-  My empathy
- My 6-years experience with hundreds of clients who had a burnout to help them free themselves from their former experience and find meaning in their experience
- Neuro-cognitive and Behavioural Approach Practitioner and many other resources gathered over 20 years working on my lack of self-confidence and my experiences in harassment / burnout / conflicts

- As a business coach, I respect ICF code of ethics. ICF being the International Coach Federation, of which I was President for the Grand-Est region in  France from 2020 to 2022

An obstacle ?

A solution

Where I can help you

My Solutions

Sen Coaching Coach professionnelle Colmar Alsace

Solution focused Coaching for individuals or teams

  • Find meaning in your difficult experiences and in your life

  • Build self-confidence

  • Dare to say no

  • Release your negative emotions

  • Find detachment in a conflict

  • Manage priorities

  • Develop your managerial skills 

  • Reinforce team cohesion

Sen Coaching Coach professionnelle Colmar Alsace

Leadership & Communication Programs

  • Understand your (new) role as a manager

  • Develop your managerial skills - Toolbox

  • Nurturing team spirit 

  • Creating the conditions for motivated employees

  • Giving autonomy, learning to delegate

  • Managing complex personalities for yourself

Current programs

Daring to be!
Understand yourself better & Gain more self-confidence

My enneagram
individual personalized sessions to better understand yourself

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Insights Discovery

Awareness of self and others


Testimonials from clients

Smiling Young Man

Philippe, Company manager

As a company manager, I called on Evelyne to help me reorganise my management and my activities. Her method and professionalism are excellent and have allowed the company to develop its activities, the team to re-establish links and have brought me personally much more serenity.

Sen Coaching Coach professionnelle Colmar Alsace

Séverine, Area manager

"The coaching session with Evelyne Seignez allowed me to consider other hypotheses for action. The questions asked by the coach led and supported my reflection. I particularly appreciated the listening, empathy, gentleness and appreciation that Evelyne Seignez showed during this time. I felt heard while working on finding solutions. Thank you for this support."

Woman with Glasses

Marie-Isabelle, Event Manager

I greatly appreciated Evelyne Seignez's interventions during a global training course on "Agile Management". The module she led was on the development of soft skills. Her extremely professional approach, her sympathetic ear and her dynamism made me join in from the very first minutes. She was able to alternate perfectly between workshops and more theoretical contributions. She is inspiring and allows a group cohesion in an in-depth work. I highly recommend her for any kind of intervention.

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"I am not what has happened to me, I am what I choose to become"
Carl Jung

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- Route de Fontanivent 12, 1822 Chernex, Suisse

Sen Coaching Coach professionnelle Colmar Alsace

+41 (0)79 882 02 84

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