Talking about problems creates problems. Talking about solutions creates solutions.

- Steve de Shazer

Professional coaching to develop and anchor your skills

Based on Solution focused coaching, I help you to quickly strengthen your skills and to progress step by step towards your goals.

individual coaching

SEN Coaching - coach professionnelle Colmar Alsace
  • Developing managerial skills (autonomy & motivation of employees)
  • Asserting yourself & setting limits
  • Releasing negative emotions & stress
  • Developing detachment and perspective
  • Organising & delegating better
  • Managing conflict

Team coaching

SEN Coaching - coach professionnelle coaching d'équipe Colmar Alsace

Themes : 

  • Get to know each other better and better understand each other's workings

  • Define the values, vision and missions of the team

  • Optimise the functioning of the team (strengths & areas for improvement)

  • Resolve a latent conflict

  • Develop cohesion