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Reach the Top

Getting closer to who I want to be!

SEN Coaching - coach Colmar Mulhouse Alsace

I'm in :-)

Objectives :

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • understand yourself better thanks to Insights Discovery

  • feel more confident in your every-day actions and interactions

  • Deal with stressful situations in a more serene and detached manner

  • adapt your communication depending to your interlocutor

  • dare to say no and put limits towards others

How does it work?

5 group sessions of 2 hours each 


  • Next schedule will be announced soon

  • on Zoom 

 SEN Coaching Evelyne Kellerhals Seignez coach professionnelle formatrice Montreux Vevey Aigle
SEN Coaching Evelyne Kellerhals Seignez programs Solution focused coaching self-confidence

Value :

This Leadership Program has a value of

CHF450 or € 450 including:

  • Your Insights Discovery profile

  • Concrete and useful resources you will be able to use in full autonomy in the future

  • direct experimentation of new skills and tools to better communicate and adapt

  • Coaching stop and go as we speak throughout the sessions to get immediate effect

SEN Coaching Evelyne Kellerhals Seignez - Enneagram

My enneagram

How does it work ?

5 individual sessions of 2 hours each

By videoconference or face-to-face 

Value CHF 990 or 990€ including :

- the 5 sessions

- the preparation work

- guidance to dig into your ennea-type

- advice and directions on how to balance

SEN Coaching - Evelyne Kellerhals Seignez Enneagram know who you are
SEN Coaching - Evelyne Kellerhals Seignez Enneagram


You have already worked on yourself and you want to go further in the knowledge and understanding of yourself?


Better identify your strengths, your stress areas, your resources and your points of concern?

Understand why you do things that you do?

The Enneagram is for you! 

SEN Coaching -Evelyne Kellerhals Seignez - solution focused Montreux Vevey Aigle burnout holistic coaching self-confidence
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