Frequently Asked Questions

 01  What does a coach do ?

A coach supports you when you are going through a difficult phase in your life and you feel you will need some external help to solve it. He uses questioning tools that allows you to think differently and take distance with your challenge. From one coach to the other, the coaching methodology and the type of tools used can differ. Various themes can be handled in coaching sessions, personal development, business coaching, stress management.

The main coaching methodology used by SEN Coaching is called Solution Surfers. It will help you look at the future, which will help you take distance from your issue. You will then be able to think differently and find new paths towards a solution.


It helps you identify the small steps that are necessary to lead you towards your solution.

Your solution is within you. Indeed, two human-beings facing the same challenge will most probably choose two different solutions with their own personality and circumstances.

Thanks to the Solution Surfers approach and my efficient listening, I will guide you to find your own solution.

 02  How much does it cost ? Do we have to commit for a long time ?

Individual Coaching

The cost is per session. It lasts approximately one hour.

There is no obligation. The Solution Surfers approach recommends in general between 1 and 3 sessions, depending on your challenge and the reflection you have already made. It may happen that another issue comes up when the first one is solved.

It is up to you to decide if you have progressed  as much as  you have wanted or if you want to go for one or more sessions.

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Business Coaching

If you represent a company, there will be a preliminary meeting to assess your needs after which I will explain my coaching approach. 

After that meeting I will send you a quote. so that you can estimate the budget and validate the cost.

If you accept this quote, a contract will be established between the company and SEN Coaching defining the individual / team who will benefit from the coaching.

This contract will clearly define the objectives I will be working on with the person / team that will be coached.

Depending on your needs, we can meet half-way throughout the coaching program or only at the end.

It is crucial that the objectives are clear to everyone in order to enable the coached person / team to progress as wished.


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 03  Why choosing a coach rather than a therapist ?

It depends on your needs and what you are looking for :  

=> If you want to quickly find specific solutions and steps towards a solution, I will be the more relevant specialist to support in you in your reflection. An example of such case would be lack of self-confidence or stress management.

If you want to understand where your issue / challenge comes from, identify its origin, then contacting a therapist will make more sense for you.

Some people work with both therapist and coach at the same time to progress at different levels.

I will also let you know if I feel that another specialist will be able than me to support you in your challenge than me.

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 04    Why choosing you rather than another coach ?

Very good question !

My approach, my knowledge of work-life balance, both in France and abroad as well as my own business & personal experience (amongst which I can count restructuring, harassment & burnout) enable me to better understand what you are going through.

I was supported by a great coach when I was in a very difficult period of my life and I know all the benefits I got from that. Now ,I want to give it that back to others

I belong to the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and I adhere to their code of ethics.

Lastly, my services are personalized and defined to on your needs. 

There are no obligations for individuals. You are free to continue or stop any time.

For companies, we can define the process "à la carte", "as needed".

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 05   Where you can find me ? 

Either in my office in Colmar or at your premises.

Possible sessions over the phone, on Skype or Facetime.

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