Did you know that in traditional training courses, 90% of the participants are lost in the weeks that follow?

Are you looking for a different kind of training that allows you to capitalise on your training investment?


Relying on a coach trainer will ensure that you put what you learn into practice immediately during the course and that your skills are anchored in the long term.



We meet you during a diagnostic interview to identify your needs


Depending on your needs, we offer you a personalized training in terms of content and duration 


Depending on your needs, we offer leadership courses for EB, EXCOM and Managers


Sen Coaching – Coach professionnelle Colmar Alsace

Managerial skills 

Do you have a motivated and successful team?

You want to :

  • Have a good foundation for your new role as a manager?

  • Develop your leadership & managerial skills?

  • Create a team spirit?

  • Learn new tools to create conditions for motivation 

  • Empower, delegate ?

  • Give more meaning and vision to your team's actions?

  • Take a step back and better manage your priorities

Sen Coaching – Coach professionnelle Colmar Alsace

Finance for Non Finance

Do your operational managers act in accordance with your financial requirements?

You would like your operational managers to :

  • have a basic understanding of finance in order to establish and manage their respective budgets in an appropriate manner.

  • Understand the links between their operational actions (an order, a receipt) and dashboards, profit and loss accounts.

Sen Coaching – Coach professionnelle Colmar Alsace


Do you feel comfortable when interacting & communicating?

​You want to :

  • Adapt to the personalities of your team?

  • Know how to communicate better with certain people?

  • Dare to say No and set limits?

  • Understand how you are perceived by your colleagues and staff