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"These Millenials and Generation Z are really not easy to handle!”

Updated: Mar 14

is a sentence I hear from time to time when I facilitate a training.

And this is true, they are shaking up our beliefs. Do you know why?

Because they are first loyal to themselves! They first look at what inspires them and go for it! And they don’t hesitate to change if they are not inspired any more by it and find something else more appealing!


Gen X and before were taught to be loyal to the figures of authorities (parents, management) and now these young generations push us to the other extreme! To move out from this too old & patriarchal way of managing things & leading people.


They push us in an intense manner and organisations really need that!


Then a balance will be found.


But first organisations need to really start implementing & anchoring a positively inspiring, authentic and respectful culture, ie a way of treating everyone in the workplace so that people can feel belonging to an organization, free to express themselves as they are and perform at their best in an organization for the greater good.


And remember, this is not because you have implemented the foundations of a performing human-friendly culture that you don’t need to take care of it. Don’t you regularly nurture your plants’ soil to nourish them?

So a big thank you to these young generations to open our eyes on something essential: listening to ourselves!!

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