Testimonials of coachees : 

"At first doubtful, I was then able to think through during my coaching session and find what to do to improve my business skills and improve my work relationships. My objective was to get better in my duties. Evelyne Seignez' coaching allowed me to reflect and realise how to progress. A delicate role that Evelyne achieved very well."

Philippe Kaufmann, Senior Instructor - Coop Trading

"Thanks to her specific and efficient questions, Evelyne Seignez guided my reflection and enabled me to define my objective much more accurately. With patience and kindness,  she helped me to reformulate my thoughts to focus on problem-solving. She also empowered me to identify some of my strengths that will support me in this context. In one session, I made a significant step forward and clearly defined some actions that will lead to my problem-solving."

Véronique, Project Manager

"My coaching session with Evelyne Seignez enabled me to find new ideas. Questions asked by the coach guided and supported my thinking. I particularly appreciated her  listening skills, her empathy, her kindness and the positive reinforcing she made. I felt heard in the meantime that I was looking for solutions. Thanks for this support. "

Séverine, Area Director

""Evelyne Seignez coached me in a private decision-making process.

Evelyne made myself immediately comfortable and I very much appreciated her listening and kindness through the whole coaching process.

Her efficient questioning as well as the time granted to my thinking allowed me to identify relevant findings in regards to my situation. My final decision will be taken at peace."

Marie-Antoinette, Administrative and Consulting Management​

"In a short period of time and in a very efficient manner, Evelyne Seignez helped me to solve a family conflict that had existed forever. Her kindness, her empathy and her non-judgement made me feel comfortable and express myself freely. This session was like a shock therapy that I really needed.  My relation with the person involved has improved smoothly since then. I thanked her sincerely for her precious help."

Aude Beerli

"Thanks to her skills, her empathy and her listening skills, Evelyne Seignez guided me towards a solution on the theme I brought in our coaching session. She is a kind person and I felt with complete confidence to exchange and share."

Brigitte, Health Center Director

"I was coached by Evelyne Seignez in a wonderful manner. She is a very kind person and listens in an attentive manner. With her, coaching sessions are particularly well paced depending on the client's needs and expectations. They are led in an impressive efficient manner and open unexpected perspectives, sometimes very surprising. "

Gilles, Training Manager