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Energy & Quantum Healing

Because we are not only made of matter and emotions

SEN Coaching Evelyne Kellerhals Seignez Quantum Healing 2-point method
Image by Sean Stratton

2-Point Method
Quantum Healing

Based on Richard Bartlett approach (matrix energetics) & developed by Frauke Kaluzinski in Europe

The 2-Point Method is an instrument of quantum transformation using the power of the heart and consciousness to create a new reality.

It allows to free oneself from crystallized beliefs and fixed forms of manifestation.


Life, Love and Light are what everyone is waiting for deep inside. The human being remembers that he is also a multidimensional being and that there is a field of possibilities to which we can appeal.

The session is usually a combination of solution focused coaching with spiritual teachings, emotional release (when needed) and use of this powerful healing method to go more in-depth depending on your needs.


Nothing unnecessary, just what you need during the session :-)

SEN Coaching - Evelyne Kellerhals Seignez testimonials

Sophie H.

I had the opportunity to experience the 2-Point Method with Evelyne a short time ago. I was impressed by the effects of this quantum practice! My body reacted instantly and I could feel a clear improvement in the issue I was dealing with. 

What I also appreciated with Evelyne was the caring and reassuring way she accompanied me throughout the session. I really felt "taken care of" with empathy and gentleness by a woman with a beautiful heart. It makes it easier to let go.

SEN Coaching - Evelyne Kellerhals Seignez testimonials

Leslie M.

A wonderful coach who shares and cares. She allowed me to understand things differently and it changed my life. A big thank you to her

SEN Coaching - Evelyne Kellerhals Seignez testimonials


Expertise and simplicity, these are the two words that come to mind about SEN Coaching! The resources seem unlimited to take care of yourself but nothing is imposed. Everything is gentle, quick and consistent changes! A big thank you

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