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What does it mean to be spiritual?

As a coach, whether for my coachings or trainings, I have to regularly challenge myself, learn and deepen my tools and techniques.

This is why I have been taking part in a lot of training courses since I started as an entrepreneure. And I take great pleasure in doing so, to nourish my mind, which is always eager to make new discoveries and gain new awareness.

I have been meeting many people and spirituality is a theme that comes up very often. I have observed people with great humility who want to develop their abilities and people who already have great abilities who show a certain arrogance.

I must admit that I was sometimes shocked by some behaviours, not understanding how, at times, such gifts could be combined with such contempt for others.

I have learnt two things from these experiences:

- spirituality can be seen in small gestures, not in hierarchical level or in a number of diplomas.

For example, a director showing respect and attention to all levels of the company.

Another simple example is the way someone addresses a waiter in a restaurant: with courtesy or with arrogance. Just because we expect a service from someone does not mean that they are below us and we are above them. We are all equal in humanity.

- Whatever our social level, our level of education, our more or less innate gifts, we all have something to develop within ourselves: our faith, our self-confidence, our abilities, our humility, our respect for ourselves and others, our non-judgement, etc.

In Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman talks about 5 pillars, including self-awareness and empathy. We don't all have this well-developed self-awareness, and it can be useful to realise that the person's intent is not to be hurtful; they just may be unaware of the impact of their behaviours of us (lack of empathy).

My suggestion here is to observe ourselves and try to understand how we are perceived by others.

What we consider to be normal is not necessarily so in all families, regions and cultures.

Asking feedbacks to people who know us well and gently confronting opinions and mirrors always have a positive effect on our own development.

How can we welcome and be non-judgemental of what is?

NB. Many thanks to Julien Werner for this lovely photo.

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