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To own nothing or to have everything

We can lose everything we own in an instant. Therefore considering that we own it, that this (a house / a jewel / a car) is ours forever, is an illusion. It is also a freedom to see that we do not have to be attached to these objects or material possessions.

This also applies to relationships. We can "lose" the other person (spouse, friend, loved one) from one day to the next through death, separation, conflict or redundancy. But the other person has never been ours.

And yet, we can sometimes get bogged down in an attachment to an old relationship as if we had lost everything, including who we are, as if our joy or happiness depended on the presence and bond with this person.

Taking nothing for granted out of self-love, releasing this attachment doesn't make us selfish or selfish. It makes us responsible for our own inner peace, without depending on others.

At the same time, the Universe sends us this abundance of nature, human relationships and matter and invites us to be creative beings.

I can then create with respect for what is offered to us, out of love for ourselves, remembering that I can benefit from this abundance as much as others, no more, no less.

I have a great responsibility to take the utmost care of it for those who come after me, because, let's not forget it, I don't own it.

And faced with such an abundance of beauty, how can I not be filled with gratitude and want to take the greatest care of it?

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