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Not being attached to anything - Fidelity/Loyalty

Updated: Mar 5

What would happen if...

I stopped using "my" or at least used them less?

My illness, my migraine, my burnout, my depression, my cat, my house, my friend.

In the end, none of this is mine. My experiences are sometimes joyful, sometimes painful, moments of laughter, moments of suffering. I can heal from this pain, release painful emotions, lose a loved one, be left or leave someone.

Using these pronouns induces, consciously or unconsciously, an attachment to the object, person, disorder or illness.

Using "the" more often will help me develop detachment or non-attachment. Detachment doesn't mean indifference. It's just no longer what defines me, what defines who I am.

I'm not the man, the woman, the owner, the patient. I'm a being in my own, and I'm so much more than all that, than anything I can think of.

These "my' "s contribute to the feeling of separation, to duality.

And in the end, we are One.

And while I'm not attached to anyone / anything per se, I can be respectful (called fidelity / loyalty in Initiation from Elisabeth Haich) of all that is, be it human, vegetable or mineral.

Recognize and respect the beauty of Creation (without necessarily seeing it in a religious manner), whether in the nature or in the human body.

Picture of Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

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