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To be or to do?

Updated: Mar 5

Over the past few years, we've regularly come across articles and resources suggesting that we should focus more on being than on doing.

This confused me for a long time. What does this really mean?

Doing nothing/slipping off as I read again in a recent article? Clearly, this seems difficult to imagine and to manage on a daily basis, as well as contradictory, given that we are creative beings.

Anita Moorjani's book Dying to be me gave me the insight I needed.

To be means to create in an energy of love, to listen and respond to yourself and your feelings.

What brings me joy? What deeply nourishes me? In what activities do I simply feel good and confident? Which ones uplift me?

On the contrary, in which ones do I feel less at ease ? With whom do I feel more tired, with a lower morale after than before meeting them?

I know, you're going to tell me that I may be too naive and that it's not possible

At the same time, how can I aim to do just that? How can I make a day happier?

I remember one of my customers who was in charge of the Quality department and loved to share with others. With his responsibilities, his very large team and his workload, he was no longer carrying out analyses himself, or exchanging very little with his colleagues directly, due to lack of time. When he became aware of this in our coaching sessions, he chose to organize himself differently and spend more time with them. As a result, he rediscovered joy in his work and his day. And as a second effect, he strengthened the team's cohesion. As a conclusion, to be means to contemplate and meditate, yes, but also and above all to create in an energy of listening to ourselves and to what brings us joy. How about giving yourself a little more of that in your day? The joy and motivation will surely be there, more alive than ever inside you. * NDE: Near Death Experience

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