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My friends know that one of the key questions I have been tackling since childhood is “Why am I here on Earth?” “What is my purpose in life?”

People often tend to say what they do when they introduce themselves. That’s one of the first questions we also ask when we meet someone new, be it in a conference, in a training, in a plane or on holiday: “What do you do?”

We all aim to be happy in life. And what we do has for goal to reach this.

Smokers, sugar / sex/ alcohol-addicts look for moments of happiness, bliss, contentment. Sometimes through the relief of something as if the sugar or alcohol could help us release something within us to feel better.

Our jobs as well!

We don’t aim as babies to become managers, heads of, chiefs, clerks, sellers.

These are roles we hold because we feel good at. We feel we can bring our competences, share our knowledge to others.

Even people that have so-called food jobs! They do these jobs so that they can provide what’s needed for their family to reach happiness.

Therefore jobs, sugar, alcohol, … are just tools (the how) we can use to reach our why, which is to be happy. We tend to forget that, though, and give our whole energy to one job for example forgetting what’s behind.

These are experiences through which we can create our own happiness.

So, how are you going to create your own happiness today?

What can contribute to make you even happier?

What would you enjoy having in your life for more happiness?

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