Problem talk creates problems, Solution talk creates solutions - Steve de Shazer

Business Coaching : A greater well-being for your company and your employees

You need support to:

- Redesign your organization, redefine your values

- Improve your leadership in communication, managing & engaging your team, dealing with conflicts

- Optimize your time management 

​- Empower yourself with Insights Discovery

More details on our activities :

After a first meeting explaining your needs, I will propose a personalized approach to answer them. 

Business coaching sessions can be tailor-made for one hour, a half-day or a full day depending on your request (team or individual coaching...).

business coach SEN Coaching
Want to develop your soft skills ?

Team leading / communication

Stress management

Prioritization / organisation

Conflict management...

=> SEN Coaching can help you adjust habits into more efficient ones 

Going through a tough situation impacting efficiency and performance ?

Stress management, harassment, team 

conflict : These situations trigger sick 

leaves, high turnover, toxic environment and under-performing services.

=> SEN Coaching helps you to find concrete solutions and resume the dialogue.

Managing a frustrated, demotivated, under-conflict team ?


Bad team interactions difficult to handle lead to inefficiency and underperformance within the team and with other departments.


=> Organise a team coaching with SEN Coaching to find solutions.